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Attends Butterfly Body Patches

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  • Provides secure protection for light to moderate bowel leakage
  • Fits comfortably and discreetly in the buttocks
  • Absorbent core and odor shield protect against accidental leakage
  • Dermal adhesive gently adheres to your skin to stay secure
  • Wings provide hygienic removal

Get comfortable with being comfortable. Butterfly Body Patches are the first and only secure protection for light bowel leaks. Butterfly® makes it so that a little leakage is no big deal.

They call it "minor bowel leakage" but it can truly be a MAJOR burden on one's life. Bowel leakage sufferers become more reserved and restricted. They're less likely to go out regularly or draw attention to themselves. However, Butterfly® makes it so that a little leakage is no big deal. With the simple application of a Butterfly patch, bowel leakage becomes an afterthought and those who once suffered are free to live their lives and once again be confident and outgoing. 

How it works: The unique design of the Butterfly patch allows the product to be folded in half and tucked between the buttocks. This design allows for a secure fit that stays in place throughout the day.