Akord Pail Refills (Large, Pack of 4)

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  • For use with the Akord Diaper Disposal System
  • One continuous, cuttable liner so you can control how much liner you use
  • Remove full liner without exposure or handling of the soiled contents
  • Comes in Large (pack of 4 for Large sized Akord System) or Extra Large (pack of 3 for Extra Large sized Akord System)

These diaper pail refills are specifically designed for use with the Akord Adult Diaper Disposal System. These diaper refills are one long, continuous liner, giving you the option to empty the pail as often as you want, or wait until it is completely full. Not only does this let you control the amount of refill liner you use, but it also enables you to dispose of the refill bag without exposure to or handling of the soiled diapers. Simply pull the refill liner enough to cut the soiled contents off of the roll using the Akord System's door mounted cutter, then tie a knot to close the liner and you're all set!

These liners are powder-scented for odor protection. This is a Large pack of 4 lines.

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