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Akord Adult Diaper Disposal System (XL) - Unused but Open Box

  • Discreetly discard soiled incontinence products
  • Spring-loaded trap door and rubber seal lock out odors
  • ABS plastic is scratch resistant and won't discolor
  • Refill bags are easy to change with reloadable cartridge and door-mounted cutter
  • Available in 2 sizes: Large (for Small to Medium sized briefs) and Extra Large (for Large to Extra Large sized briefs)

The Akord Adult Diaper Disposal System makes disposal of your used incontinence supplies easy, discreet, and hygienic. Opening the hands-free diaper pail is simple and hygienic with its ergonomic, no-mess foot pedal. Plus, the Akord System controls odors very well due to the spring loaded trap door that immediately locks out odors as soon as you place the used diaper in the pail. For increased odor protection, this diaper disposal system features a rubber seal around the trap door that ensures odors won't escape into the room when the lid is closed.

Removing the waste bag is also simple, as the reusable cartridge at the top of the pail keeps the plastic bag in position, and a door mounted cutter on the bottom allows you to easily cut the old bag off the roll for easy disposal. This means you never waste any extra bag space! Fill the bag a little or a lot, and just cut it off, tie a knot, and you are ready to use again. Made of scratch resistant ABS plastic, this adult diaper pail won't scratch or become discolored even after prolonged use. Plus, it looks just like a regular trashcan, so friends and family members will not know it is for adult diapers.

This Extra Large Akord Diaper Disposal System has dimensions of 14.25"W x 12.5"D x 22.75"H. This Extra Large sized can is best suited for Large and/or Extra Large sized briefs, holding up to 12 briefs or underpads. Each diaper pail comes with one full length powder-scented (for improved odor protection) Akord refill already installed. Extra refills sold separately.

Please note that this item has an opened box but has never been used.

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