Adult Short Leg Cast and Bandage Protector (Latex-Free)

  • Reusable and moisture protection for casts, bandages, rashes, prosthesis, splits, burns, lacerations
  • Durable abrasion resistant vinyl
  • Latex-free
  • Easy to clean with soap and water; hang to dry

Available in foot/ankle, hand, arm, and leg styles, this cast and bandage protector provides moisture protection for plastic and synthetic casts, bandages, rashes, prostheses, splints, burns, and lacerations. Its watertight design allows for protection when showering. The latex-free cast protector is made of durable abrasion-resistant vinyl. This bandage protector is reusable and can be applied using one hand. Clean with soap and water and hang to dry. This bandage protector comes in Adult and Pediatric styles.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS Approximate Length: 23"
COLOR Clear Blue
MANUFACTURER Item Code 539-6583-5500