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Bariatric Briefs: Incontinence Protection in Plus Sizes
Fecal Incontinence: Causes and Protection

Tranquility Air-Plus Bariatric Brief

Bariatric Briefs: Incontinence Protection in Plus Sizes

Keeping your body and skin clean, dry, and healthy when you have incontinence issues is hard enough. Add excess weight or obesity to that, and maintaining hygiene and skin health becomes an even bigger challenge. Because obesity can cause joint and soft tissue problems that make mobility difficult, daily activities such as toileting and undergarment removal may be difficult, necessitating the use of a disposable brief.

Fortunately, there are incontinence supplies designed specifically to fit larger individuals. Bariatric briefs made by Attends, Tranquility, and Tena are all constructed of comfortable, breathable materials that offer superior absorbency and stretchy side panels for an excellent fit. Larger leg openings add to the comfort of these bariatric briefs, and because most are adjustable and have wide fastening tapes, they're sure to control your bladder leakage no matter your size.

The largest incontinence brief we carry at National Incontinence is the Tranquility Air-Plus brief. The breathable diaper fits waists 70”-106” and can hold up to 34 oz. of fluid. It also uses micro-hook closure tabs instead of tape tabs to allow you to open and reposition the brief without tearing or losing stickiness.

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Molicare Slip Briefs

Fecal Incontinence: Causes and Protection

Loss of bladder control is difficult to manage, but loss of bowel control can present an even greater challenge. Affected individuals may find that they cannot detect occurring bowel movements, are unable to reach the bathroom in time because of loose stool, or are unable to control the urge when it arises. Possible causes of fecal incontinence in adults include:

  • Surgery of the colon or rectum due to Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, or colon cancer.
  • Medication that slows down bowel activity and affects stool consistency.
  • Trauma to the anal sphincter during childbirth.
  • Compression of the nerves controlling the bowel due to spinal stenosis or lumbar disc herniation.

To help manage stool incontinence from one of the conditions described above, a protective undergarment is vital. If you're looking for disposable briefs, Prevail briefs have a specially designed fecal containment zone. Molicare Super Plus Briefs feature anti-leak cuffs, making them another good choice for controlling fecal incontinence. Also, Tranquility ATN ("All Through the Night") and Slimline briefs have double elastic from front to back for a secure fit and extra protection against leakage. If you prefer pull-ups, Tranquility, Attends, and Tena all make protective underwear with double leg cuffs for comfort and security on the go. The Abri-San Special Pad also has been specially designed for those with bowel incontinence. These products are one more tool to help you maintain good health and comfort in the face of incontinence.

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