Postpartum Kit for New Mothers

  • Kit includes: 3 pack of Abri-Fix Pants, 3 packs of Abena wipes, 2 packs of light flow pads. 1 pack of moderate flow pads and 1 pack of moderate flow pads

After a typical vaginal delivery, it is normal for our bodies to pass an array of fluids/membranes for a period of 3-4 weeks. This flow is generally very heavy the first several days, and then tapers off over a period of an additional 2-3 weeks. Our new Postpartum Kit takes new mothers through their entire first month with an array of special pads, soft and snug mesh pants, and soft pre-moistened wipes for gentle cleansing. This is a big step up in comfort from what you might be given at some hospitals

This kit comes with:

  • 1 pack of 28 heavy flow pads for the first week
  • 1 pack of 28 moderate flow pads for the second week
  • 2 packs of light flow pads for the third and fourth week
  • 3 packs of Abena wipes for gentle cleansing and one 3 pack of Abri-Fix pants

For women who had an episiotomy, it is generally recommended that you use gently propelled water on the stitched area for a few days before using a wipe of any kind. Often little witch hazel pads can be cooled (freezer) and applied to this area after the water is used to help with soothing the incision site.

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