Tena Stretch Briefs

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  • Blue target absorption zone quickly locks in liquids and odor
  • Superabsorbent microbeads helps promote dry, healthy skin
  • Fully breathable sides enhance comfort and provides secure fit
  • Available in two absorbencies: Ultra and Super
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TENA Stretch Briefs are available in two absorbencies, Ultra and the more absorbent Super. Designed for moderate to heavy incontinence and bowel protection, these disposable briefs offer the advantage of a perfect fit and fully breathable stretch side panels. This allows the adult brief to be pulled up and down and over the hips to maintain wearer dignity.

The briefs feature the Blue Target Absorption Zone to quickly lock in liquids and promote drier, healthier skin with dignity and discretion. Tena Stretch Briefs are also infused with superabsorbent microbeads to help reduce odors and wick urine away from the skin.

Other features include curved leg elastics, wetness indicator, and a moisture-proof lining. The soft non-woven backsheet is gentle against the skin and less noisy, providing improved comfort and greater dignity. The brief’s unique “Sure Stay” wide hook system allows for unlimited refastenings and ensures a secure fit.

Available sizes for Tena Stretch Ultra Briefs include: Medium/Regular, Large/Extra Large, and 2XL. Available sizes for Tena Stretch Super Briefs include: Medium/Regular and Large/Extra Large.


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MANUFACTURER Item Code 67802, 67803, 67902, 67903
Incontinence Size Chart
Size Item Code Waist/Hip Quantity Price
Stretch Ultra Medium/Regular 3NUS-USM (67802) 33" - 52" Pack of 36
Case of 72
$26.95 ($0.75/Each)
$52.95 ($0.74/Each)
Stretch Ultra Large/Extra Large 3NUS-USL (67803) 41" - 64" Pack of 36
Case of 72
$33.95 ($0.94/Each)
$65.95 ($0.92/Each)
Stretch Ultra 2X Large 3NU-2X (61390) 64" - 70" Pack of 32
Case of 64
$38.95 ($1.22/Each)
$74.95 ($1.17/Each)
Stretch Super Medium/Regular 3NUS-SSM (67902) 33" - 52" Pack of 28
Case of 56
$33.95 ($1.21/Each)
$65.95 ($1.18/Each)
Stretch Super Large/Extra Large 3NUS-SSL (67903) 41" - 64" Pack of 28
Case of 56
$37.95 ($1.36/Each)
$73.95 ($1.32/Each)