Reusable Mattress Pad with Wings

  • Reusable, absorbent pad protects your mattress
  • Features tuck-in wings to keep it in place during the night
  • Wings are 19" in length
  • Double bound edges for incredible durability
  • Machine washable and dryable

This reusable mattress pad will protect your mattress from damaging moisture. The sleeping surface is made from an 80%/20% cotton/polyester blend called IBEX, so you know this pad is soft and comfortable. This top sleeping surface is quilted to an 8 ounce poly soaker that locks in the moisture. Underneath this layer is the waterproof backing. This backing is made of knitted, vinyl barrier fabric that prevents moisture from leaking through to the mattress. This bed pad also features 2 tuck-in wings to keep it from sliding during the night – which is great for an active sleeper. The wings are 19” in length, and both will tuck in on twin or hospital sized beds. For larger beds, at least one wing will tuck in. This mattress pad amazingly can hold up to 60 ounces of liquid! Dimensions: 36” x 32”. Machine washable and dryable, this bed pad has double bound edges that will withstand many years of washings.


Reusable mattress pads like this one are a great way to protect the life of your mattress. It may help to have 2 of these bed pads so you can simply remove a soiled one and replace it with a dry one in the middle of the night after an accident. No need to wash the entire bedding – just wash the overlay and you're ready to go!

Care Instructions: Machine washable and dryable.

STYLE Reusable
FIT With Tuck-In Flaps