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Odor-Eliminating Underpad

  • Reusable underpad kills odor causing germs
  • Super absorbent middle layer ensures your mattress stays dry
  • Recharge odor-fighting action by machine washing with chlorine bleach
  • Comes in 5 different sizes, with one having 18" tuck-in flaps
  • Machine washable and dryable (just dry on low heat setting)

HaloShield Odor-Eliminating Underpad

The Halo Shield Underpad is a fresh solution to both protect your bed from nighttime accidents and the problem of urine odor. These HaloShield absorbent overlays kill the odor-causing germs urine leaves behind within 10 minutes of contact. The Halo Shield Underpad works by grabbing chlorine molecules and anchoring them to its surface. After binding with the chlorine molecules, the Halo Shield underpad is fully charged, and holds enough chlorine to kill 99.9% of all odor-causing bacteria within 10 minutes of contact. Every time you wash the Halo Shield Underpad using chlorine bleach you recharge the odor-fighting power of the overlay, and ensure it will continue killing odor-causing bacteria. This underpad can be washed and dried by machines, but must be dried on a low heat setting.

This underpad also features an ultra-soft moisture wicking top layer that will keep you dry. As the moisture is wicked away, the super absorbent inner layer traps the fluid and keeps it from leaking into your mattress.

This underpad is available in 5 different sizes, one of which has 18" tuck-in flaps that ensure it stays in place during the night – even for the most active of sleepers.


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Manufacturer Salk
Color White with Peach Backing
  • Small (1990H) - 23"x36"
  • Medium (1994H) - 32"x36"
  • Medium with Wings (1997H) - 32"x36" with 18" Tuck-In Flaps
  • Large (1996H) - 36"x54"
  • Extra Large (1999H) - 36"x72"
Shipping Weight
  • Small - 23"x36" Flat - 2 lbs.
  • Medium - 33"x35" Flat - 2 lbs.
  • Medium with Wings - 33"x35" Tuck-in - 2 lbs.
  • Large - 34"x52" Flat - 3 lbs.
  • Extra Large - 34"x72" Flat - 3 lbs.
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Care Instructions Machine wash with chlorine bleach to recharge; machine dry on low temperature.
MANUFACTURER Item Code DD1990H, DD1994H, DD1996H, DD1997H, DD1999H
TYPE Underpad

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
I absolutely would buy again! Very well made!

We use this product on my sons bed, he is has a disability and is a teenager that wets through often. This helps protect the sheets from getting soaked.

Stan the man
I will buy this product again.

Good pad for absorbing urine at night.

Awesome pads save couches

I have a cat that refuses to use the box all the time. We've lost 4 leather couches so far. With new couches these pads are a God send. Even with accidents the couches are safe!!

loved ths size of this pad!

Bought these pads for an AFC - perfect for men's beds especially...


Expensive, but a great product. Washes well and protects beautifully.